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November 18, 2021

As a Geutebrück system user, you now have a choice: When using Axis bodycams, you can transfer the recordings into your G-Core database.


September 22, 2020

Hollywood very often creates a false perception of video surveillance systems. Either these systems are equated with simple-minded security guards. Bored and wearing half-glasses, they alternately look at a tabloid newspaper and a flickering monitor ...


April 30, 2020

We are very pleased and proud that the Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has allowed us to name it as an official reference. We are grateful for this and are looking forward to continuing our trusting business relations for many y...


April 22, 2020


Body temperature measurement, detection of face masks and the counting of visitor flows - Geutebrück has expanded its portfolio to enable the retail trade, public authorities and industry to adjust their protective measures to the current situation.


March 18, 2020


Theft is an ongoing issue in hospitals and forensic institutions. This applies to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and increasingly in the current crisis situation, to anti-infection items or protective equipment such as safety masks.


February 19, 2020


On an internationally highly competitive market for image-based software systems, the medium-sized company based near Bonn is the only enterprise which has been continuously and 100 percent family-owned since its foundation in 1970. To enhance this p...


February 11, 2020


Drug manufacture, logistics and picking are sensitive topics - and not just in terms of safety. The pharmaceuticals logistics centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, shows just what herculean tasks can be handled in the pharmaceutical sector. In the future, t...


January 13, 2020


Fewer errors, supply chain optimization and a reduction in fraud crimes – that’s what Blockchain 2.0 promises to deliver for logistics and supply chain management. Blockchain should improve monitoring of digitized processes, protect them against mani...


December 16, 2019


Modern interface technology makes intelligent visualization solutions an affordable entry strategy into digital transformation.