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Benefit from our offer from one source and receive the right devices for every solution on request. 



With Geutebrück, you always have the right partner for your complete video system and solutions at your side. We offer various server and computer variants, which are designed and manufactured by us. These hardware offerings can be configured according to your system requirements and can therefore be optimally adapted to meet your needs.

You can choose between hardware servers for rack mounted or stationary use and, hardened servers designed for mobile use. Special hardware components permit different levels of failover and thus reduce downtimes. The hardware is optimally adapted to the requirements of our software products and thus gives you an optimal functionality.



End-to-end complete system solutions, from a single manufacturer means no compatibility conflicts, no finger pointing and better value from using perfectly matching components. To achieve a seamless solution, Geutebrück offers a variety of cameras which can be used for security monitoring or analysis of your processes. Depending on the area of application, we have cameras for outdoor applications, high temperature locations, ultra-high-resolution cameras for highly-detailed images and, thermal imaging cameras for complex low-light or no-light conditions. Regardless of the needs in your application, we have the right camera type for every situation.

Network technology


Here you can find our network components, which are needed for the transmission of the camera video data to our video servers. Switches with or without PoE, fiber optic components and their power supply.

Stations Accessory


In the accessories area of the Geutebrück Stations you will find all necessary hardware components to expand your system. In addition to numerous installation hard disks, CPUs, adapters and operating devices are available.

Camera Accessory


With wall arms, tools and camera housings, the camera accessories offer you various articles for the protection or mounting of cameras. Interchangeable lenses allow an even more individual adaptation to the respective field of application of a G-Cam.

RMA - Return Material Authorization

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